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Safety Training

The table below only list annual safety training topics. You can find additional safety training requirements at he Risk Management Department web page.

Instructions to complete the required training:

  1. Move the cursor over the training topic and click once to start the presentation.

  2. At the end of your presentation, click on the link to take the Quiz.

  3. Once you have linked to the quiz, please enter your Social Security Number (SSN) with dashes in the area provided. (example 999-99-9999).

  4. Once finished answering the questions, click the submit button. You will see the following message: 
    SCORE: (?) Congratulations, you have successfully completed the safety training. Your score will be recorded

NOTE: If you were hired within the last 90 days or entered your SSN without dashes, you may see the following statement after you have submitted your quiz: SSN NOT FOUND. It takes approximately 90 days for newly hired employees to be loaded into the training data base. In either case simply print out your completed quiz and turn it into your supervisor to receive credit. 

There are DVD presentations available on select topics but it is not mandatory to view them to receive credit. This is an excellent way to enhance the training experience for those who are visual learners. The DVDs can be signed out from the Safety & Training Office by contacting us at: 898-7715.

 Annual Safety Training Topics
Who is Required
Blood-borne Pathogens
Affected Employees
Fire Protection (Fire Extinguishers)
All Employees
Hazard Communication (Chemical Hazards)
All Employees
Respirator Affected Employees