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Annual Training

Instructions: Move the cursor over the training topic and click once to download the presentation as a PDF. At the end of the presentation is a link to the quiz.

Once you have selected the training topic, the presentation will begin. Please use the arrows at the bottom of your screen to move the slides forward or backward. If you need to view a specific slide, please see the table of contents on the left-hand side of your screen to select one individually.

At the end of your presentation, you will be directed to a link to take a 5-Question Quiz. You must take the quiz to receive credit for the Training. Once you have linked to the quiz, please enter your Social Security Number at the top. You will need to enter it according to the example shown (ex. 999-99-9999 with hyphens included). Once finished with the questions, please click the submit button and your training will be recorded. Please note: If you experience technical difficulties with your social security number not being recognized, please try again with hyphens and follow the example.


 Time Period Required


 1st Quarter
(January - March)   

 2017 Title VI

 2nd Quarter
(April - June) 

2017 Harassment 

 3rd Quarter
(July - September) 

 2017 Drug-Free Workplace

4th Quarter
(October - December) 

 Business Ethics
(released 11/16/2017)