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We have developed training to cover various mandatory legal and employee-related topics. These trainings are designed to equip our employees to handle their duties competently. For maximum positive impact and learning, we have made the training modules motivational and engaging, as well as informative.

The training is broken down into four major areas: Annual Human Resources Training, Safety Training, Leadership Training, & LifeServices Training Topics.

Annual Human Resources Training

The Annual Human Resources training ensures that each employee is informed of his or her rights and responsibilities. Employees are required to complete one HR training topic per quarter.

Safety Training

Employee Safety is a top priority of the Rutherford County Government. Safety training is a key component to ensuring that all employees have the knowledge and tools to discharge their job duties in a safe, effective manner.

Leadership Training

Leadership training is now available for Rutherford County supervisors and directors. Some examples of topics covered include: team building, coaching, conflict resolution, & motivation, etc. Although not mandatory, these training modules provide a valuable resource for continuing professional development. Please check back often as new topics are being continually added to this training library.

LifeServices Training Topics

Work/Life training is now available for all Rutherford County employees. Although not mandatory, these in-depth training topics provide knowledge and skills for work and home life. Each module takes approximately one hour to complete and is provided by LifeServices EAP.